Writing an Essay on Black Friday

Essay on Black Friday
Black Friday is a popular and famous label which is attached to the Friday following the Thanks Giving Day in the United States. It is an indicator and has been regarded as the start and beginning of the busy shopping season for Christmas in the US during which most of the buyers and consumers try to start their Christmas shopping at an economical price.

Many retail employees and schools have this day off after the thanksgiving day, which along with the regular weekend comes in between makes it a four day weekend which increases the number of potential sales and shopping on the day. Usually the “black” word has a negative meaning, but the use of it in this case means the effectiveness, which is noted in the black ink and the losses which are incurred in the business and sales are noted in the red ink, also the other retailers see a huge demand in retail sales due to this day because of the result due to holiday shopping, which in turn give them the opportunity to sell their books in “black”.

The day ranked 5th and 10thbetween 1993 to 2001 are considered the busiest shopping days across the country. But things changed and took a dramatic turn in 2002, that was in fact the year when the Black Friday took the lead as the busiest shopping day in the US and after that it remained the busiest shopping day ever since topping the list every year with only one exception in the year 2004, when it was rated as the 2nd busiest day as far as shopping is concerned.

According to experts the day has become more popular and topping the list every year usually because the majority of people have the day off, and the store offers more hours to shop and extend time even further when its crowded, and almost every store seems to have a sale on the day. The major sellers and retailers open the shop very early and do work overtime till overnight hours and offer many sales which attract more customers which in turn add to their profitability in the business.

Special deals and heavy discounts are often offered by the retailers in order to attract and lure the customers in the stores in the hope that they will purchase the other goods in which the retailer had higher margin of profits. Even some discount and sales hunting consumers have been known and seen to put a camp overnight nearby the stores in order to secure an early place in line at a favorite store to attain the discount and sales.

Black Friday is an unavoidable part of collective shopping culture in the US and there is a great deal of hype which is being created surrounding the limited quantity of goods ranging from electronic to gift items which can offer up to a certain 70% off retail price so the people gets excited and wants to shop as soon as possible before the entire stock get finished. Major Retailers create such sense of urgency by offering special deals which in turn draw huge crowds into the stores before even the stores gets opened in the morning.

Some of the methods which the stores additionally employ to create the hype for writing a great dissertation and urgency include:
  • Ridiculously low prices on most items which are expensive across the year.
  • Special deals which last for few hours across the day to attract maximum customers in less time
  • Limiting the number of famous items which almost all consumers wants for purchase at a special price

Some people enjoy the shopping experience on this day by getting up early in the morning or by sacrificing their bedtime altogether to stand at a queue to get a good bargain and price may seems interesting. On the other hand the savings which are obtained by standing at a line and by sacrificing the sleep by few hours of shut eye seems worthwhile to some.

But before you go out for shopping on this day make sure to consider your options like would u really get a good deal or not? How much time would u like to spend in traffic jam on this day? Though most of the bargain hunters accomplish and complete their new years and Christmas shopping in a day and saves a bundle of money by shopping on this day. Many students face problem in writing essays due to lack of time or some other commitment, in such a case they can always opt for professional essay writing services, these are cheap and reliable.

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