Study from Home Seriously Has Lot of Disadvantages

Study from Home
Studying is the most important thing in life for students as it not only teaches them a lot about the way things work but also gives them a chance to do something in life and make their future. Learning is a very powerful tool and it is only when students focus on learning and acquiring knowledge that they can look forward to improving themselves and becoming a success in the long run. Schools are the perfect place for students where they can study as they have the environment as well as the facilities that promote learning and foster basic skills.

However, there are times when students are not able to access the school or the class and they end up studying from home. Even though they are studying, yet studying from home is not the preferred mode of learning as declared by the experts and the educationists believe that studying from home as lots of disadvantages. No matter in which part of the world students live or study, they are required to follow a certain standard or protocol that determines how things would move forward but when they stay at home and study from there, they do not get the same standards and protocols. It is from here that the problem begins and the students do not even realize that they are not getting the most of the learning and might be missing on something very important. This article discusses the disadvantages of studying from home and how it affects students in the long run:

As told by assignment writing services that the biggest disadvantage of studying from home is that it does not discipline the students or teach them anything about ways of behaving in the class and outside. It is self-paced; the students just have to connect with the teacher either online or they just use the course material that has been provided to learn as and when they can. Due to this freedom, there is no self-restraint or discipline and the students do not learn how to behave the right way. As it is self-paced, the students are in full control of what they are doing and they are not answerable to any teacher and they can keep on delaying things for days, weeks, and even months if they do not feel like working which destroys the actual purpose behind studying and learning.

Studying from home means the students are learning on their own, they are not interacting with anyone else be it a teacher or fellow students regularly even if they use technology for learning. Video conferencing, webinars and other means are not the same as sitting in a classroom full of students in front of a teacher and learning in an engaging and interactive environment which gives them a chance to learn much more than the subject they are studying.

Studying from home prevents students from exploring the world when they step back and they might suffer from a lack of access to learning opportunities in the long run. When students go out to school, college, or university, they come in contact with hundreds of people and they learn several skills and behaviors that help them survive in the academic as well as professional world and prepare for what is to come next. Students who are studying at home do not get these opportunities that often create a problem for them in professional life.

Studying from home does not offer any flexibility; the students are stuck with what is there and have to make the best of it. learning from home can a great experience in certain circumstances but it is not the best choice for long term learning as the knowledge and skills that can be transferred become limited and students are deprived of learning complex skills and competencies that can help them become better learners and look forward to doing well in future.

It has also been endorsed by experts that studying from home is a slow learning process and needs some strategic plan to go ahead with it. It is because the student is alone in the journey and might not always feel motivated to learn or do things as there is no pressure as compared to a conventional classroom where the teachers and students work together, have to meet deadlines and make sure that they achieve their goals in the most efficient manner. Studying from home has lots of disadvantages and all of them seem to be coming together at a point, making it hard for students to learn in an interactive environment and causing limitations in their personal and professional growth.
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