Why Students Avoid Studying and Making Study Notes?

Why Students Avoid Studying
It has been observed that a large number of students avoid studying and making notes even though these are the two most important elements; not only this, it has also been observed that not studying the right way and avoiding to make notes is the key reason why their grades suffer and they face problems in their academic careers. Ever since they start going to school, the only thing that students are told by their teachers repeatedly is that they must focus on their studies and make notes as these two elements have been called the key to success but even then students fail to adhere to this advice and suffer.

These days due to the growing number of distractions and rise of social media, more and more students are not getting away from studies; their focus is now on TV, smartphones, and laptops as compared to their studies and this is not a good sign. Too much of the internet and technology are taking their focus away from studies and they avoid studying and making study notes; instead, they are more concerned about how to have a good time at university with their friends and make the most of the time they get having fun. This article discusses some of the most common reasons as given here by an assignment writing service to tell why students avoid making study notes and studying the way they should and how it affects their grades and academic growth.

Lack Of Motivation:
Lack of motivation or inspiration is one of the main reasons students avoid studying and making notes. They either have not been guided in the right direction by their teachers and parents or they have failed to be motivated or inspired to the degree that they want to work hard. This often happens with students when they face failure or rejection in the early days of their education due to any reason and this puts them off the study and hard work for a long time. This lack of motivation and enthusiasm to avoid studying and make study notes often turns into indifference to what they are doing and hence, the students do not want to do anything but just pass time while they are sitting in class.

Peer Pressure:
Peer pressure is also a very big factor that influences students and they avoid making notes and studying the right way. It often happens when students see that their peers do not do anything like putting in extra efforts or making notes but still they manage to secure good grades; in many cases, peers also make fun of students who are studying all the time and worrying about their grades and just to avoid all this pressure the students end up taking things lightly and stop working hard on their education. This peer pressure can be a good influence too if students end up making good friends but it can also land them in trouble if they become friends with people who are not keen towards studying and also prevent them from taking an interest in studies.

Too Much To Do Outside The Classroom:
Many students are attracted by too many things outside the classroom such as extracurricular activities and programs that take a lot of their time. This, in turn, leaves them no time to focus on studying the right way and making study notes that would help them in class as well as assessment. The students feel that they are doing enough by attending class and will be able to secure good grades and this thought prevents them from being good learners.

Lack Of Information And Realization:
Most of the students end up making mistakes and ignore the key aspects of their academic life due to a lack of proper information and realization of what they need to do and how. Many students do not understand the logic or the reasoning behind studying after class, taking extra classes or making study notes, and how they can help them in their academic life and even later.

They do not even realize how much time they are wasting and how it can affect their academic growth because they believe that only attending classes and listening to the lecture is enough. This is one reason that causes students a lot of problems when they are unable to grasp the subject and the topic and face difficulties during the assessments. The above-mentioned reasons prevent students from focusing on their education; the students avoid making study notes and studying thinking they are not very important but this affects their learning process and lands them in trouble, affecting their grades and degree.
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